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door drives for elevators, Lifts

For all services in regard for building or all strict building-services like: IT rooms, data center, emergency lighting, PV production. Critical applications are protected by UPS, DC / AC converters, Static Switching Systems (STS) and rectifiers. The NS installations are protected by switches, disconnectors, automatic transfer switches and guards based on fuses, insulation control devices and electronic guards. To optimize the overall efficiency of buildings, we offer complete product lines ranging from measurement devices to energy management software packages. Here a high degree of quality and durability of the components is required. We supply motor - gearbox combinations with voltages up to 260V AC. In addition to high availability, the price also plays a decisive role here.


Building Services _ Solar Systems Environmentally friendly and effective realized!


You go for solar-solution, because the sun is undisputed and give you the perfect energy source. Environmentally friendly, independent of electricity grids, no fees and powerful! Keep going for solar und support the Environment. Like our gear-motor for adjustable solar-module holder. In this application you can adjust your solar module infinitely, manually and without using tools to the desired angle of inclination. Now you are able to optimise absorption of solar radiation on your photovoltaic module.


Here you will find Gefeg Neckar motors in use brushless and brushed in different low voltage. Weatherproofed in high IP-Protection designed for the permanent and continuous use in their daily use.


Motor-Drive for Lift doors


Innovative and modern lifts demand not only a certain comfort (the motor-drive should be quiet “low-noise” and should provide open and close the doors quickly) but also safety aspects like in emergency it must be possible to open the doors manually. Like this application “Lifts in ship” there are special high demands on corrosion resistance and IP-Protection. Our BLDC motors are perfect and suitable for application like this – Because we built customized and meets your requirements. In addition to the high quality requirements of our customers, they impress with their compact design and long life even in the hardest use. BLDC motors from Gefeg-Neckar drive systems are used worldwide in many lift doors and perform a permanent and continuous use in daily use.










Motors for low voltages switches