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Applications in Mechanical Engineering

The mechanical engineering of today is characterized by high quality requirements, long-life, variety of types and cost-effective solution. For us as component suppliers, innovative design, R&D as well as production with a high degree of implementation accuracy are therefore essential. For the variety of applications, we supply a wide variety of motors and complete systems like gear-motor including drive, brake and encoder in one Product. In addition to an adjustment drive for belts and conveyors belts, we also supply positioning drives and metering drives. For all applications, we value great to a customized solution. Only in this way we are able to realize high demands of today be well known supplier. Robust BLDC DC motors with planetary or worm gears are just as used as AC motors. Our innovative production guarantees a constant quality with a favourable price-performance ratio, and even with small quantities of orders.

Actuators for: 

  • Woodworking machines
  • Bookbindings machines
  • Packing machines