Precision has history

70 years of experience in the development and production of electrical appliances, precision machines and drives


1948 - Foundation of GefeG in Augsburg

1967 - Foundation of NECKAR Motors in Dei├člingen

1996 - New GefeG Motors production in Gosheim

1999 - New mechanical production in Dei├člingen 

2000 - Take over of Bauser Motors by NECKAR

2001 - Extensive investment in processes machines and new products

2004 - Merger of GefeG and NECKAR Motors and foundation of Gefeg-Neckar Antriebssysteme

2006 - New R & D Center in Gosheim

2006 - Significant investment in production technology and R &D , for new intelligent drive systems

2014 - Extensive investment in processes machines and new products

2016 - Take over of Gefeg-Neckar by STEMAS AG