Special systems in stainless steel

Belt drive for the food industry

It’s doesn’t matter if you use a fish fillets machine, cutting portions of cheese or cutting bread or any food handling machines in the food industry - a high level of hygiene it’s a must and be observed. Therefore, there are components in the hygienic design, which are easy to clean due to their materials and construction and can withstand strong cleaning agents. That why stainless steel motors are an absolute must. Gefeg-Neckar offers to different clients customized solutions tailored to their application & machine too.



Belt drive for fish filleting machines

Advantages to such hygiene design drives are, that there is no places or space where particles can accumulate (thanks to: rounded edges, hidden screws and finely turned surfaces). Thus, our solutions meet special requirements for hygiene or corrosion resistance.Of course, using stainless steel for the motor and gearbox as a complete enclosure chassis and guarantee high protection in IP69K is always a challenge. An extremely corrosion-resistant material facing the problem there is weak heat conductivity at all. In order to obtain the required motor power in a very compact unit/size are all our motor designs customized. For the most different applications (for example swimming pool covers with chlorinated water) we use the most suitable stainless steel material. You can get all brushless motor and gear-motors in stainless steel. Whether planetary gears or worm gears - stainless steel versions or enclosed versions are with Gefeg-Neckar always possible.



Drives for laboratory equipment - Actuators for surgery table in hospital

Turntable, metering and lifting drives



Dosing drives für pharmaceutical industry

Dosing drives for filling plant for example eye drop