AGV "Automated Guided Vehicle"


Gefeg-Neckar your first right choice for AGV Systems

Many clients and projects realised with our drive systems EC Motor or BLDC Motor (Brushless). Our clients have the choice to drive their application with integrated motor control or without, once they use their own one. Because with Gefeg Neckar drives you can combine the modular drive system as your needs are.


Thanks to our 3 different type of gear boxes like (planetary, worm and spur), which are internal produced and so very easy to combine and very price friendly in our calculation, you will reach every customized torque and speed as your application or your customer is asking for.


Warehouse application

AGV automatize your internal transport of in/ and out tasks in all kind of warehouse handling like:

  • Pallets
  • Container
  • Shelf
  • Boxes


Advantages of AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) for manufacturing process

  • Just-in-Time-Delivery
  • Reducing higher staff and operating expense
  • Less damages in the goods
  • Higher operational efficiencies due to the advanced reliability
  • More safety
  • flexibility in relation to future adjustments and handling
  • More variety of operating and vehicle models


Automated transport & receiving area:

AGV takes control of all over the material handling in the receiving area, its starts by unloading from the truck and drive it till process area of manufacturing and handling of goods. Once you automate it your process of feeding material for your production will be assured.

  • For permanent repeating operating at transports tasks
  • For specify application at receiving area
  • Transporting of materials to interim storage
  • Feeding the production lines with materials






End-of-Line-automated chain with AGV

The AGV are the perfect link for realising an End-of-Line-automated chain for your material handling between material warehouse, production and transport.