Brakes are used to shorten the braking process or to secure during standstill. AC operated brakes, which are turned on and off together with themotor winding, are usually used for AC polyphase motors. DC operated brakes are for use with DC motors. These brakes should be switchedon and off separately from the motor current in order to prevent a considerable delay. 

Fail-safe brakes:

This is an Fail-safe operated spring-applied single-disc brake. The braking power is created by spring pressure and lifted by an electromagneticfield. This means the brakes are effective when the current is off or during a power failure.

Technical data

DesignationDesignVoltageBreaking torqueSwitchtimes msPower consumptionWeight
B 50Failsafe380 AC5052622160
230 AC
120 AC
24 DC
BFK 457-01Failsafe24 DC1211175
BFK 457-02205 DC258176,6
BFK 457-035012,5189
BFK 457-04100182311,5
BFK 457-05200263513
B 77Failsafe230 AC80162012350
24 DC
B 3Failsafe230 AC2016208350