E55 4-quadrant-controller

Characteristics: The E55 controller is designed for both type of installation. As well for external or internal installation. Our motor controller are made for electronically commutated motors and incl. speed control and regulate block-commutated brushless DC Motors. CanOpen BUS-Communication is our standard and embedded. You can use it as well for brushed or brushless DC motors.


  • Motor controller up to 50A
  • Compact for 4-quadrant controller for DC & BLDC
  • CAN interface ( Protocol DS301, device profile DS402)
  • Integrated digital inputs
  • Integrated digital outputs
  • Integrated analog inputs
  • Overload- and underlaod protection
  • Overtemperature monitoring
  • Device status notification in LED (Power, Status, Error)
  • Hex-Switches to set device node ID
  • Easily programmable thanks build-in MPU (Motion Process Unit)